Hard Drive problem with Sony HDR-SR100

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      I recently had the internal hard drive on my sony HDR-SR100 camcorder fail. I have heard of people getting new hard drives (even larger ones than the 30gb that comes with the camera) and getting the camera back up and working.

      There was an article online where I read about people changing out hard drives on a Sony HDR-SR 11 (I think it was), and I get the impression that this would be the same hard drive that I need.

      I really like this camcorder and would hate to have to chuck it if I can get it back up and running for $100 or under.

      I bought one on eBay for around $30.00 but it doesn’t work.

      Does anybody know what the hard drive model number is and or where to get these hard 1.8 inch drives?

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