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      Hi to all! I’m looking for a Hard Disk Recording unit for my Sony-FX1. Which unit works best for this camera?My camera has been skipping frames when recordingto tape. I have to make the investment and go digital. I’m very disapointed with recording HD to mini dv tapes. I found this unit for another Sony camera, so what does everybody think? http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/461819-REG/Sony_HVRDR60_HVRDR60_Hard_Disk_Recording.html


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      I read all the reviews from b&h on the HVRDR60 product. They all agree that this Sony product is disapointing. It’s difficult to transfer footage and takes too long.Any other possible recommendations for a quaility Hard Disk Recording unit that is reliable.

      Please state pro’s and con’s of any unt you own or have used.

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