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      I was having a problem rendering a project in Studio 9. There was a hangup at exactly the same place each time I rendered. Chats with Pinnacle suggested that I remove the offending frames and try again. This did not work. Other suggestions failed also. Finally, they said that upgrading to Studio 11 would “solve the problem”. I upgraded and the same thing happened, only this time it hung up in a different place. This problem does not occur with other projects.

      Has anyone had the same problem and been able to fix it? I would be grateful for any help in this as I spent a great deal of time editing this video.


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      What? You can import a studio 9 project into studio 11… I didn’t think you could do that.

      Minimum system requirements bump up between the two

      do you turn off all unnecessary background programs while you edit? Norton, AOL…etc.

      hit your Ctrl. Alt. Delete buttons select processes in your windows task manager. click on studio right click that and set priority to high

      Hope this helps. The pinnacle people always told me to uninstall/reinstall when I had a problem. Do you Defragment your hard drive before you edit?

      Good luck.. rfleishman, CB

      Go for it Pinnacle haters…..

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      I was having a problem rendering a project in Studio 9. There was a hangup at exactly the same place each time I rendered. Chats with Pinnacle suggested that I remove the offending frames and try again. This did not work.

      What exactly happened when you removed it from the project? Have you tried to take the bad part out and copying it to a new project and see if it renders there? If it does, you may be able to save it to a file and insert it back into your original project and try again. Don’t you love these workarounds?

      I am actually having the same problem and am blaming it on my hardware…. I am actually considering buying a $1500 machine to load Studio 11 on just to finish my project. I think I’ve lost my mind…. I will lose my mind if it still hangs!

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      I have had the same exact problem with Pinnacle Studio 9. The problem is that the program is buggy and will often freeze or crash. I have a Dell P4 3.06 Ghz processsor, 1 GB RAM, 400GB SATA HDD, so the problem that you have is not your computer. There is no reason to spend $1500 on a new computer when your problem is software. I would suggest that you switch to Adobe Premiere Elements, which is $100, with more capability but the same easy interface.

      I run 3D animation programs, and Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 and After Effects 6.5 Pro with no problems. The only program that freezes is Pinnacle.

      Change your software, not your computer. It’s like a car. If software is your tires, which help to move you around, you don’t get a new car because your tires have problems. You get new tires.

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      I had the same problem (random hangups) rendering a 63-minute AVCHD video. I’m using an XP SP2 PC with Intel Core 2 Quad processor, 3GB RAM and Radeon ATI HD 2600 XT 256MB GFX card. The solution isn’t elegant, but it finally solved the problem; I removed the PC side access panel and placed a desk fan there to add extra cooling (which is what Pinnacle suggests). I guess the processor gets really hot during the intensive rendering process. Hopefully, Pinnacle will add a patch to fix this problem.

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      I finally got the solution to working with AVCHD files in Studio 11 so there is no more hanging. In my case I use a Canon HG10 that produces MTS raw files. I loaded the files in proper order as a new project. Without altering them I rendered them as a hi-def mpg-2 file that I loaded into Studio 11 as a new project. I clicked the Files radio button to extract the scenes (a slow process, but it worked). I now had mpg-2 scenes as if they came from a camcorder. I loaded these scenes as a new project and the editing went very smoothly…no problems with scene trimming, adding titles or adding music. The rendering speed was about twice as fast compared to AVCHD rendering…30 minutes for a 12-minute video. I have a Core 2 Quad processor with 3GB RAM in my PC.

      I think Studio 11 has the best editing interface which is why I really like the program. It seems very stable working with mpg-2 but is really useless working with AVCHD.

      BTW, in trying to solve this issue, some of the 2D transitions didn’t work with the ATI Radeon card I had in my PC. I replaced it with an nVidia GeForce 8500 card and all the transitions now work.

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      I believe the title of this post should be:

      Hangup while doing any function with all Pinnacle products

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      Go render somthing on your machine and leave the crap for someone who cares.

      All the programs are buggy, more than likely most of the problems are caused by those bloody idots at Microsoft who throw

      imperfect, bug ridden virus’s called Windows/Vista operating systems at us.

      If I bought a car that had so many problems with it I’d take it back or to consumer affairs, but no, we idiots take it on the chin,

      wait for service packs to fox the problems, which only cause more problems.

      Come on people create a program that runs on Linux or should I say it, if only we saw the light an got an Apple instaed of a Lemon?

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      when you have a project in an older studio. you need to start the project as a new project in the upgraded studio. place the raw video on the timeline and reedit like you had itin the older studio. it is best to use an external hard drive. also delete all old renders. only use the space bar to change the scenes so you can more easily edit.

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      Pinnacle has very serious memory problems creating hangups. Unless you have Windows VISTA or higher which will allow you to upgrade your memory to 4GB it won’t work well even if you adjust your virtual memory.

      Two GB is far too small for most movies that are longer than about 5 minutes, for most movies containing AVI files, and for most with more than a few songs in it.

      Pinnacle also has a lot of problems with DEP errors which result from many AVI files.

      If you have less than 4GB RAM, the only solution to the hangups is to break your Pinnacle movies up into very small segments that are smaller than 5 minutes each (about 25 pictures or less if you are using any AVI files).

      You will indeed be driven nearly insane otherwise.

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      In my case (Studio 11.1.2), the hangups happen randomly at the end of some overlaid titles, most of them glued one after the other (subtitling job). By removing 1 or 2 frames from the buggy titles I was able to make the hangup vanish at those places.

      Unfortunately, the process is highly iterative, having to regenerate the file every time a hangup happens. Very frustrating.

      I highly hesitate to go with Studio 14. Maybe I will look for another one. Any of you has recommendations for another software?

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      I have the same problem with Pinnacle. Freezes up while rendering. This company makes crappy software and then will not back it up.

      Buying this crap is just a wast of money.

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      Studio 11 was very buggy, sorry to say but either update to 14 or change to something else ie. Cyberlink Powerdirector 8. Similar to Studio 14 and actually supports more formats, I’m currently using it and enjoying it. You can download it for free (30 day trial)


      Trial version has a couple of limitations but its pretty much all there for a good experience!!

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