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      Cool. However, pardon me if I offer a little critique of the editorial style. I detected a very condesending tone throughout the article, “You’re the proud owner of a shiny new camcorder and you’ve shot your first few tapes” Mike seems to be ‘talking down’ the reader, like he’s speaking to a rank amateur. “…has been designed specifically for the home user with a low budget, and perhaps an even lower know-how when it comes to computers…” and “…provide a number of special whiz-bang effects to make your movie look as though Steven Spielberg himself had been at the helm…”.

      From a marketing perspective, this isn’t the best way to sell a product even if it is a decidedly amateur level offering. Amateurs have egos too. I know a lot of people on this forum take this software very seriously and might be offended by the author’s tone. I’ve never used Studio 8 or 9, but based on the discussions I’ve read here, I got the impression it was much more than this ‘in depth’ article is pointing out. Now my impression is Studio 9 is like every other storyboard/limited timeline editor, you usually get as a ‘freebie’ with a cheap camcorder or Firewire Card. Is the idea to sell this package only to complete novices?

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      It’s time to take a look at the low budget, home video editor that’ll turn your movies into Hollywood masterpieces! … Pinnacle Studio 9

      Mike is a long time Pinnacle Studio user, going all the way back to the Studio 400. He’s an old friend of the Videoguys and can be found participating in many on line forums.

      Mike runs a really cool UK based website for Pinnacle users. http://www.mikeshaw.co.uk It began as a Studio users site, but he has recently added several excellent articles on Pinnacle’s new Liquid Edition software. His Edition for Studio users article is a MUST read for anyone migrating up from Studio.

      We are very fortunate to have Mike as the author for our first Videoguys’ Insider Power User Story.
      I think old, new and future Studio users will find this article very informative.

      Check it out!


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      Interesting feedback. Part of this may be my fault.

      One of the main reasons I asked Mike to write the article was that I found it quite difficult to do. Our core market is the prosumer space (Premeire, Vegas, Edition, Xpress). I found my own reviews of Studio 9 just didn’t read well. I had a tough time keeping the article easy to read and informsative without getting technical or using accepted industry jargon.

      When I asked Mike to write the article, I asked him to aim it at the video editing beginner. Perhaps he did that a little to well. Mike is also from the UK, and the original article was written with a decidedly British flavour πŸ˜‰ The tone you picked up may be partially caused from our “Americanizing” of it.

      Once agian, thanx for the feedback. I;m going to keep it in mind for our future Power User Reviews.


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      Hey Gary

      I’m very familiar with your website and your offerings, I usually rely on you guys to keep me informed about new offerings, etc. This is why I was a little surprised. It didn’t seem to be your usual style. Anyway, I often recommend your site to people looking for great prices, great product mix, and a general video education. Keep up the good work.

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