Handheld camcorders living on borrowed time?

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What will be the ultimate impact on camcorders with thepopularity of smart phones.Better audio and video doesn't seem to be enough against the convenience of these devices. There are a couple accessory's on the market that would make the handhelds more user friendly which could have an impacton theirease of use, most notably the Camcist Aiming Device. Does the handheld industry need a boost or is the writing on the wall. Your thoughts?

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A PRIMARY CAMERA in whatever stronghold purpose it serves will always outperform something that has another "first intended" purpose or set of skills. Phones, smart or otherwise, unlike the multi-purpose DSLR units that are gradually moving closer to center between photography/videography, are primarily intended for communications ... with a third or fourth level making internet video a possibility, and as a tool in some instances by those who push the technology to do interesting and creative things visually. But they likely will never do justice to the overall abilities of the handheld cameras.

The one area phones have probably delivered a death blow are the Flip Mino type handhelds.

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I do not see a future where phones do away with camcorders.

Case in Point: When Notebooks (laptops) went wireless and they were able to have processing power equal to desktops, it was feared that desktops would drift away. It did not happen.

Callphones came along and the fear again came up, but once again desktops held strong.

Netbooks, OK Folks let's get serious and quit joking around who in their right mind would want a "laptop" less powerful and with less storage space then their cellphones. The Netbook is being phased out, they should gather them all together and give them to people in prison as a form of punishment.

Tablets: These bad boys did in fact hurt the entire computer industry. They are now the leading "computer" in sales. Desktops did in fact take a hit as did Notebooks, but guess what, it is leveling off. Many who went out and rushed to get a tablet was expecting the same performance as a desktop. But they were let down. As some users migrated back to their desktops they were asked, why? Not because the tablet was not powerful enough, and did not do what they expected, it was not WHAT they expected. A desktop delivers an entirely different experience in computing then any other type of computer. In many cases if a user has a desktop, Notebook, tablet and cellphone, the users prefers to get (serious) work done on a desktop. And therein is the answer, people expect serious work on a desktop, all other devices are just, toys, conveniences, or what ever.

I foresee the same holding true for cameras, a cellphone camera is a tool of convince, is you mean business you will have a camera in hand, peoples concepts of a tool are the hardest to alter.

 "A Photo Captures but a Moment in Time: Video Captures a Lifetime in a Moment"

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The day will come when the Smart Phone will be fitted with XLR audio inputs for external microphones, will have manual controls for white balance, iris, neutral density and focus, and can accept interchangeable lens.

It will be marketed as a "Camcorder (with built-in telephone capabilities)" and will be similar to the "Single Lens Reflex camera (with built-in video capabilities.)"

You wanna shoot film 16mm film, get a Bolex; you wanna shoot video, get a video camera; you wanna talk on the phone . . . etc., etc.


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food for thought....

suppose you look at the eye-fi cards....

then ask yourself if a newer generation of wi-fi network can outperform cellular networks...

assume for a moment the answer is "Yes"

now ask yourself how many different devices, from phones, to tablets, to cameras of all types could you stick a sd sized card into that would then have the needed mic, speaker, screen that would allow you to use the device to make a call or send a text or digital file with? Yeah I'm talking about using a camcorder or d-slr or ipad as a smartphone just by building the phone (or sim card) into a memory card and plugging the card into whatever device you happen to have handy at the time...

so the question is.... can wi-fi kill cellular? be neat if the answer is "yes"

means you'd choose whatever tool is best for the job at hand and carry less crap at any given moment..

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yer quite agree with you jackwolcott.

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Q.help plz. I have 2 sony handycam corders, I am going 2 put one on a tripod and use the other one as a roving cam for a small concert I am going 2 do, I am going to be about 20/30 feet away from it, I want some way to know what it is doing when it is recording I have a portable dvd player with av in but my cam av out is different .I used 2 use it with my old analouge cameras no bother.thx