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      As a newcomer to Sony Vegas Movie Studio 8 I am so far impressed with what the software has to offer. I do find the help system quite useless and the quick strat manual is very limited. A trawl through Amazon’s books on possible handbooks only throws up “Vegas Pro 8 Editing Workshop: Douglas Spotted Eagle” but nowhere does it say whether this book is only for Pro 8 users only. Does anyone out there know if this book is useful to Movie studio users???????????? If not, can anyone suggest a good handbook to buy???

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      Huh. I learned Vegas through trial and error. maybe I could write a book and sell it to you! LOL! 🙂 I don’t know about Douglas Spotted Eagle much but heard he’s good.

      In my wanderings with all three Vegas types(Pro and both movie studios), I haven’t actually found what the difference is between these three. Guess I haven’t used them enough, eh? Well, both movie studios have tutorial windows that come up when you open. That’s all the difference I’ve seen.

      anyone else?

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      the book will serve you well in learning any portion of vegas, however, you are limited on the number of tracks you can have in your project with the studio version. another good place to pick up some knowledge is jetdv.com, there are free newsletters there you can read through.

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      Thanks guys. I have got to vegas via Pinnacle & Adobe. Pinnacle used to crash so often it was a joke and Adobe Premiere was so slow and cumbersome that I gave up in despair. Unfortunately what you learn on one package doesn’t migrate to another! At least Vegas seems to be very fast in showing changes (in fact instantaneous) and it hasn’t crashed yet (touch wood!).

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      If you’re interested in all sorts of training & books aimed at Vegas Pro8 (or most any major NLE) check out http://www.VASST.com (Video Audio Software Support & Training) for links to other user groups, free files and all kinds of plug-in’s. They started out as Vegas specialists but they were so good at that, they’ve expanded in all the NLE’s. And they do have several FREE plug-ins you might like. I know I did.

      Good Luck with Vegas.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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