Hand Held Microphones Question? Looking for help

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I am not sure I am posting at the right location, but I just joined Videomaker today with the hope that I will be able to get some assistance with a few questions I have about shooting on camera interviews.

My first question is what brand and type of hand held microphone do you recommend the most, for in front of camera interviews. I am talking about something like the interviews for instance done at the red carpet events, like from E online for example: http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/redcarpet/2010_oscars/index.html

Do you know what ,mics they use, what brand, price range etc, or what else might do the job and look and sound similar?

Also, where can I go to order a branded slip on for the mic?

I have more questions about type of camera etc. But these two are my most burning questions at the moment. I hope I can get some assistance here. I highly appreciate it in advance.

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I feel Shure and Sennheiser make good mics.

Are you looking for a wired mic or a wireless mic? Wireless will be significantly more expensive if you hope to record good quality.

One think you want to look at when looking at mics is the signal to noise ratio. 64dB is fair, 74db is quite good, and 84dB or more is outstanding.

"Also, where can I go to order a branded slip on for the mic?"

You mean a mic flag? I believe those can be found at B&H. In fact, B&H is a great place to buy all your stuff.