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      Anyone use it for actual gigs? Thoughts? Wanted to get one, but 1000 could go towards another A1…

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      I havent used one but there not $1000, saw them here for $529 and free shipping.


      or do a google product search. Alot of places will charge how much someone will pay, so its always good to do a price search.

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      Before buying from ubuydigital.com, you ought to check out their rating at http://www.ResellerRatings.com .

      You might find it’s better to buy somewhere else. I think B&H or Calumet would be OK.

      Ken Hull

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      I have the HV20, and I like at a lot so far (at least for its price).

      I don’t really do gigs, but narratives, but the HV20 is a pretty capableconsumercamcorder.

      It has a hot shoe, microphone input, headphone output, graphic audio level bar, manual audio gain, shutter speed/iris priority, and a little LED light on the front. In my opinion the LED is pretty useless.

      The camera can also record in 24p, but embeds it into a 60i stream. When you’re recording in 24p, though, it works pretty well in low light.

      In my opinion, its a really good deal for its money, but the A1, if price weren’t a point, is a little better.

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      The A1 is more than a little better than the HV20. After seeing how good the HV20 footage is in some of the posted videos I’ve seen here, I’ve been having a go with one and it is nowhere near as capable as the A1. For a gig that matters, I’d rather use the A1.

      Having said that, though, I’m impressed with the HV20 and think it’s a fantastic, VERY capable little camcorder for the price. Another A1 would be great but I’ll be getting the HV20 as a second camcorder before I think about another A1. But then that’s primarily because I don’t want the expense of another A1 right now – if money isn’t a problem to you, go for another A1. On a large screen there is a noticeable difference in quality. And, as you know, the A1 has features you definitely will miss now that you’re used to having them!

      Although you could use your A1 as the main camera with the HV20 along side it – I’m sure that would work quite nicely…

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      Beginner’s Question:

      How is 24p different from 24f? Why does the HV20 have both?


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      Beginner’s Question: How is 24p different from 24f? Why does the HV20 have both? Thanks

      From Camcorderinfo.com:

      Panasonic was the first camcorder manufacturer to introduce 24p video acquisition technology, with the release of the highly touted DVX100 (followed by the DVX100A and DVX100B revisions) in 2002. However, for other manufacturers to include 24p features on their own camcorders, they must pay a pricey licensing fee.

      This has led to Canon’s own 24f format, which mimics the look and motion of 24p while using different means to produce the same effect. However, all acquisition formats are not equal, as this Showreel Magazine feature will tell. In it, Taylor Wigton takes a look at the Canon XH A1, the HD-capable, run-and-gun followup to the XL H1 (Specs, Recent News, $7947.89), and most interestingly, he describes the differences in quality between 24p and the 24f format. As it turns out, there is a 20-25 percent loss in vertical detail with 24f versus 24p footage. Additionally, this difference in quality was detected by test viewers presented with side-by-side test footage: “We consulted a wide group of people from professionals to people with no video experience whatsoever, and the great majority of these people could pick the 1080/24p image as more crisp than the 1080/24f image.”

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