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      I need some help please. I have a friend who had his wedding shot in two different video formats. After getting his finished project, he had nothing but jitter footage. I’m trying to help him out and I see both 1280×720 @ 24fps and 1920×1080 @ 30fps clips throughout the sequence. Both are intermingled in the time line. Can some one please give me some advice on the best exporting process. Two different formats = how would you export that? Thanks for your help.

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      I would down convert your 1080 footage to 720p30.

      Then I would convert your 720p24 footage to 720p30 by adding a 3:2 Pulldown pattern. This will maintain a 24p look, but cleanly covert it to 30p.

      Then RE-EDIT (yea sorry) the footage in a 720p30 project. Redoing a project is no fun, but it sounds like the person who shot the wedding didn’t do the appropriate planning/research, which appears is becoming more and more frequent as video becomes more and more accessible. Tough noogies. Gotta learn the hard way sometimes.

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      Thanks Rob… very much appreciated.

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