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Hey guys, i have the gzhd620 and have found that when i try to play the captured footage back on my windows xp, thepictureis green. Where does this problem lay.Do i have to go into my settings and chage something or does this lay with my software.The color is fine when played back through my tv. I am new to all of this so please excuse my simplicity.

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How are you connecting to your computer? You could get your result if you were plugging your Component line into the green (this line carries the sync) of an RGB input on the PC instead of the component input.

Have you tried to off-load a file from the camera to your PC through the USB to see if it has a similar result?

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If you've tried it in all of your computer's players, then it's a graphics card problem. Reinstalling driver might fix.

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Hey guys thanks for the reply. I have imported the video onto my computer which is an "MTS" file and the only player that will play that file is the "windows media player", but with no sound and the picture is still the greenish color. On the camcorder playback it is fine and on the tv it is fine,just the computer. I have done this using usb. I have "avs video converter and have converted the file to "AVI" and all players will play it with the correct color. I am just thinking, would i have to convert every file i capture so i can play it on my computer with success.And secondly, would i have to convert the file in able to upload it to "youtube" if i decide.Thanks Again