gz-hm400 step up?

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I'm currently in the market for a good, realatively inexpensive, non-tape based camcorder made by JVC. I still think that JVC was, and still is, the more professional option as far as reliability.

My Sony HDR-HC1 has recently given me problems. I bought it with the screen not working (common problem), figuring that I wouldn't have to use it. This came some bit of a problem trying to control audio level (operates by touch screen)in attachment with the Juicedlink. Tapes are also the strongest contender of humidity - at least that's the way it was with my Sony. I am now not able to close the tape compartment.

Is there any JVC camcorder in great supplement to an HM400 step up - just a little more upscale?

(Great camcorder, but min lux < 9 would be preferable) - budget's about $750