GZ-HM320 Noob questions..

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      I bought the GZ-HM320. I have a concert to record this Saturday and wanted to ask some questions before I go. Right now I’m a little upset at recording quality.

      I’ve briefly tested the camcorder at home in my bedroom. I turned my speakers up loud and played some music. Sounded alright on the camcorder.

      Then, I recorded 8 or 9 seconds of my dog sitting there in the UXP mode (highest quality). Tried various settings, but picture quality is horribly grainy! What do I do for lower light situations?

      When I face my bedroom light it’s a lot better, but still grainy. I tried the night settings, but then the video has a lot of lag in it.

      When I transfer the files over, is it okay to just connect via USB and transfer over the mts file? Or is there something else I need to do for picture quality to be better. I haven’t actually encoded any files yet.. just opening and playing them.

      I bought this camera to do HD and was hoping to get better quality than my Girlfriends digital camera which I’ve been using.

      Here’s a video shot with my Girlfriends camera.

      I was all the way in the back. I’ll be at the same club filming this Saturday, but might move up front more. The video I shot in my bedroom tonight is grainy compared to that.

      Here’s another video of the same band I had shot in another club:

      As you can see video isn’t so bad, just dark. Here’s a full concert I recorded of another band in another club:

      You see, I was just hoping this camcorder would give me better quality. Unfortunately I don’t have anywhere concert like to test it out before Saturday.

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      Here’s a sample video I shot indoors.. no sound.. picture very grainy.. I’m gonna go walk across the street and film people at the grocery store and see how that is with more light.

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      One more video..

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      The way it’s going so far I think I’m regretting my purchase and should have waited to get something more expensive.

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