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      Hi guys,

      I use with camera supplied software (PowerCinema). Copied HD films to pc and playback.. no audio! How come?? Playback same films from camera directly to HD-TV via HDMI does not give this problem. Pc is ok (new), 6G RAM.

      Someone here can give a little help?..

      Thanks, Gerard

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      Have you checked the sound controls on your computer? Also, the MPEG-2 and AVCHD formats tend to lag on slower systems. More clearly stated, the audio might take a while to “catch up” once the playback is started. If it’s a playback problem on your system’s default media player, it’s probably a codec problem. The included Cyberlink software does not give you the codec free-handedly. Instead, it uses its self-contained miniature “decoder” in order to play video files. Getting interlaced footage to play with Windows Media Player really isn’t worth it. Colored lines seem to distort picture with the lack of full quality during playback. Microsoft claims to haveade-interlacing technique in order to handle interlaced video, but seems to not be working or simply having too many side affects. You’ll have much better luck if the footage is progressive. The appropriate audio codec for audio playback is the AC3 sound filter – http://www.free-codecs.com/download/ac3_filter.htm.

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      Thanks XTR-91! The AC3 filter worked.

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