GZ HD 3 Newbie Question

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Hello guys,

A quick question here thts been worrying me..

Does an HD cam also do standard definition? The thing is, its my first handycam, and I'm getting an HD Camera from JVC which supports recording in 1080i but am a bit wary to buy it since we don't have an HDTV yet...so can I record in a format which will work on my 29" LG SD TV?

This is the camera I am going in for:


Could you take a dekko at the specs sheet and let me know?

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I own this cam, and love it. Its a really good in manual mode. I like it much better then Sony and Cannon. Color,quality is so much better I feel.

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I'm also a newbie and would like anyone who reads this question to answer my question if possible

My question is "Which camera is better for a no-budget drama- the Sony GL1 vs. JVC Everio GZ-HD3?"

Please respond at the videomaker link below.

Thanks in advance,



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Are you sure its a Sony GL 1

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It's a Canon. I looked at a sony on ebay right before posting the blog and transposed Sony with Canon and have been copying and pasting sony all am (obviously attempting to make myself look like a nut lol). Thanks for pointing that out. It's absolutely the Canon GL1