GY-HD200 FCP Capture Now ?

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I've been recording video with the JVC GY-HD200 in DV mode to Final Cut Pro 6.0 an recording it straight to the Computer's Hard Drive with capture now. i've been happy with my DV footage, but I want to capture HDV live video in. Has anyone had any success live capturing HDV this way?

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At work we have the earlier version of this camera. I had it connected to my computer via firewire and the camera was set to HDV. FCP seemed to recognize it and I saw live video in the Log and Capture window, but I didn't try capturing.

The only thing I see that could interfere is the speed of the storage mass you are recording to. A single hard drive might be too slow....but i dunno for sure. If it is, maybe try recording to a G-RAID or CalDigit VR. Those are set up for RAID 0