Guns, explosions, and special effects.

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      Hey guys, we actually made this a couple months ago but I thought I
      might share it. This video absolutely has the most work we’ve ever put
      into a video. We spent literally weeks (day and night) working on just
      special effects alone. The audio was actually originally cut out
      because of construction and what not going on. So we had to put every
      single little sound in, which was very tedious. All in all, we put a
      whole lot of effort into this so please watch it.

      It’s a short, fun video we decided to make. No real story other than
      the fact that it’s a virtual-reality video game. For those of you who
      don’t know, “free for all” is a very common game mode in a lot of online
      multiplayer games where players have no team and must eliminate
      everyone else. And that is what this video is based on.
      Feel free to leave comments.

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      OK, I am not a violent watching person and I do not play video games, but you guys did a nice job. I suppose you used AF? Hum One day I will scrape the $999.99 together and just have to buy that.

      I enjoyed the sound effects, and I use noise suppression head phones while on the computer and I noticed when you did the gun effects you switched the directional and gun, and even perspective of where audio was coming from with each camera angle, NICE. I like the effect with the guy putting his hand on the ground and had the bubble over him. I can see that as a generic way to explain Einstein’s law on Special Relativity, I was trying to figure how to bend space, but why not just bend YOUR space, so that got my brain juices flowing, just need to figure out how to do it in VSX4.

      Thanks for the post it was a great example of work.

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