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      Hello from Green Bay, WI.

      I’m a pro musician (36 years) who no longer tours but now passes on the magic thru my teaching studio. What I want to do is create video lessons for my students and to sell online. I have extensive audio editing experience (ProTools, etc.) but my video capture/editing was limited to tour bus shenanigans.

      My plan is for a two camera shot – one over my guitar neck recording my fingering and hand position on the neck and a second shooting my pick hand. I’ll be recording the audio both off the cameras and with a Tascam DR-07 MKII. I obviously don’t need pro level cameras for this and the expense that comes with them. I would like to capture to removable media (sd cards, etc.) to facilitate transfer to my computer (windows 7, 16gb ram, intel i7) for editing.

      So any suggestions for a couple of cameras would be most appreciated. Also any suggestions for consumer/prosumer editing software? I don’t need a full boat Avid/Adobe/Vegas install. Just something to let me edit my clips – “Freebird – Riff One – Freebird- Riff Two”. (Hey! Can you play “Freebird?” oh, Lord, how many times have I heard that.)

      Much thanks for any help you can give.

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      look at the go-pro hero twos…

      If I was hired to shoot this I’d do a go-pro on the guitar to get the picking and either a go -pro or my Sony sr 12 shooting the neck to get the fingering..

      then into Final cut x to sync the video clips and audio file together then do a split screen effect with both hands on screen…

      do the talking head shots with my d-slr.

      for lighting a simple large chinese white paper chinese lantern and a bright bulb, cfl or halogen

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      But can you play Alvin Lee’s solo from the Woodstock version of “I’m Goin’ Home”?

      Seriously, you have pro audio equipment. Does your budget allow for pro video (prosumer or professional cameras, lights, tripods, etc…)?

      Another option you have is to collaberate with a pro video guy…

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      Thanks for the replies…

      Don – I considered the GoPros but my concern is minimum focus distance. Most of the guitar shots will be taken from a distance of 12 to 24 inches. Also, Final Cut is Mac – I’m PC. So wondering which is the more fully featured among the consumer/prosumer software (Premier, Sony, Adobe, etc)

      Birdcat – Yes, I can (and have, back in the day) play Alvin Lee’s solo. I don’t believe I need to invest $$$ in prosumer cameras. I think many of the new SD/HD consumer cameras would do what I need done (good picture, lightweight, inexpensive.) As a BUSINESSMAN musician, I learned early on about ‘return on investment’. That sure is a nice $4000 Les Paul but if I’m taking home $400 a night from my show I’m going to have to play 100 shows before that thing is making me money. If I invest four-grand on two ‘prosumer’ cameras- weedoggie- it’s gonna take me a LONG time before I see any money.

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      I think the go-pro focuses to about 8 inches… plus you can put a lens (ie reading glasses) in front of it for closer work.

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      I am thinking the truly important thing is the audio, if it stinks then the people you are trying to get to buy will think theirs will stink. The go pro will work but you better have decent audio and you may want to ask Earl on here which is the best as he uses a lot of remotes. You will have to “clap” to synch the audio but could work. Look up Earl and you should find his discussions.

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