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      I look forward to learning and sharing (after I learn) with all of you.

      We have a business with an education focus and we currently do many computer video projects where the only video is what is on our computer screen and we do software education through a basic video capture program.

      We need to expand into creating Video presentations. Many 5-10 minute task based videos of how to perform specific steps and functions associated with commercial embroidery and screen printing equipment.

      Most likely video camera will just be mounted on tripods.

      Then we plan to expand into virtual product demonstrations to be used as sales tools for various manufacturers during the sales process.

      My questions to you are as follows:

      1. What type of Video Camera should we be looking at. I am still in the purchasing stage so your feedback will be very valuable.

      2. What about editing software? I am looking for something easy to use but at the same time to have some power and growth potential.

      3. Authoring. I will need to author to DVD or to Internet. Any guidance here would be greatly appreciated as well.

      Starting out is the foundation on which the rest of our business expansion will be built. If we don’t build a proper foundation, we don’t have a chance at succeeding.

      Any ideas/advise would be greatly appreciated.

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