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      Hey Guys,
      I am in the market for a new camcorder and I can only afford one around $1,000. I was planning on purchasing pansonic’s pv gs 500 until recently when i read videomakers article on the HV 20. So i was wondering what i should get as Ive heard that I should wait on getting an HDV camcorder and that it has issues filming fast moving subjects. But the image quality is really good. So i was wondering which one i should get. I would be mainly using it for making films and home movies.

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      Hey guys i really would appreciate and opinion please help me out.

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      Even though in the past I’ve tended to recommend Panasonic and standard def, I think in this case I woud go with the Canon HV20. HDTV is an unstoppable oncoming train. And according to the reviews, the HV20 has a lot of features that most consumer camcorders no longer have, like an input for an external mic, manual control of the mic volume, and zebra-stripe exposure indication. Panasonic has been making quality 3 CCD consumer camcorders for the past few years, which reproduce very good color, but their current line of consumer camcorders lack many features that advanced videographers want (like manual mic volume and zebra stripe exposure indication). Meanwhile, Canon has a good reputation for handling color with single-CCD camcorders. Also, I suspect you can also shoot standard def with the HV20. So, you could shoot SD for now, making it easy to edit and distribute your videos; then switch to HDV recording as technology makes it more practical. One more thing: the HV20 has an HDMI output port, which could prove useful in the near future as more HDMI devices appear.

      Just my 3 cents worth, πŸ™‚
      Ken Hull

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      hey thanks for your reply

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