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      I currently own a cheap, consumer tripod (MSRP around $40) – I know it’s also still consumer quality, but I plan on upgrading once I rack up enough cash for a prosumer tripod. The greatest problem which I encounter the most is the inability to pan and tilt smoothly. I understand that this problem goes back to thegeneral nature of a “consumer” class tripod.

      Is there any special ‘grip tool’ that attaches to the handle in order to make smoother turns, or something for creating more leverage? Aside from purchasing a “better fluid head”, is it possible to accomplish this for less than $30?

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      Just like they tell you in sports, ‘it’s all in your head’. You can’t expect movement or controls to be any better than they are with a tripod for less than $40 bucks. For a good half-ball fluid head you’ll have to start in the neighborhood of $200+ just for the head. Though it’s more than your $30 range, take a look at this set up from Bogen Manfrotto with a 501 fluid head which I have used since `02.

      Your posts strike me as someone who is looking to move up but your gear is falling below your growing skill level. Maybe it’s time to start making ‘bark tea’ while you save up for some better gear.

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      Just for temporary, I was wondering if such a tool, which I mentioned above, exists just to create a “sub-prosumer” (decent feel of turning) to my tripod so that the moves are “good enough” to start generating income. I am looking to enter the pre-hobbyist world without a hundreds of dollars upfront fee.

      Thanks, but just wondering, does such a tool exist for providing better tripod control?

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      Use a piece of gray PVC to extend the handle of the tripod another foot.

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      You can also experiment with some lubricants to help get you by on the cheap – try some graphite powder hardware store)to lube your current head – often will help with sticky/jerky movement. Or just good ol’ WD-40 – a few squirts before you shoot.

      There are decent tripod setups to be had out there for less than $200.00. Like this one withFREE SHIPPING and a dolly to boot! All for under $200.00! (No, I don’t work for B&H)I’ve been using these for a little over a year and am quite pleased with the fluid pan/tilt:

      Good luck!

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      These are all great ideas – I’ve thought about drilling a hole with a diameter of my tripod’s handle into a small piece of wood. A PVC would also work with a broad a dense and broad enough size. It seems that WD-40 (or another approach for lubrication) might actually work. I guess my plans for freelancing continue to hit the water fast compared to my procrastinating budget. $100 is the cheapest price for purchasing a prosumer tripod online that I found, but probably won’t compare to the quality of simply buying one for $190.

      I’ll definitely look into you guys’ suggestions.

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      Video Maker has a video review of the Mathews 25 also available from B&H for under $200. Link below

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