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    In the early 90’s when I learned of the IgAN I was asked to be a part in testing fish oil as a treatment for it. (The FDA is now attempting to control the sale of fish oil since it works). I was given some review information, read it and agreed. I was in the high yield group, meaning I was on the max end of the test, to see what the body limit was. At one point I was taking several thousands of mg a day. As the testing went on, it was discovered that the max an IgAN patient needs is about 1,000mg. I was lowered to that after about 8 years. Step x step. But the damage was done. It did not cause damage to my kidney’s or any other part, and if I do not take it at all, I suffer no ill effects. But the course of taking it does cause some life changes in our family. You would not think taking fish oil would be such a major decision. My wife and I considered it for several days, taking it will mean the following

    1) Increased energy
    2) Increased kidney function
    3) Increased wellbeing
    4) A feeling of feeling better
    5) And an increase in the possibility to stay in stage 3/4 possible to a stinky old age.

    But not without some change of life cost. After talking it over, for days, we choose to return to the fish oil. I do feel a great deal better, but the changes will take time to adjust, and I am sure after about 20 years we will still be adjusting. But we feel it was the better choice.
    So I hope no one minds me sticking around a bit?

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    Greg, I certainly don’t mind you hanging around longer! Thoughts and prayers with you.

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    Outstanding news!

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    So what you need to do to stay alive brother.

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    Mike Wilhelm

    This is amazing news, Greg!

    I hope you didn’t end up selling your video equipment! 😀

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    Indeed we thankful to have you Greg! Props to you for leading the tests and prayers for as much sustained health as possible. I wish you and your family well with adjusting, thank you for sharing too.

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    that great news Greg, I’ve been using fish oil because I also is supposed to help the brain and thinking processes as well as keeping your heart healthy. Glad you’ll be around here for a while.

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    Well I did sell my video equipment, to myself. This is going to be a weird explanation. A close relative became aware that I was trying to sell my video equipment. She has had me do many projects, family friends kind of stuff and has always rewarded me very well. Anyway she called me and inquired, so I told her what I was trying to do. She has always been aware of my IgAN and as a self health practitioner has “doctored” me over the years, nothing that will hurt me of course. Once she heard what I was trying to do she was set back, she feels that I am good with a camera and editing and hated the idea of me selling my stuff off. So she made me a deal, here is the deal, sit down for this.

    She “pays” me $1,300.00, I keep all my equipment and shoot when I feel up to it and edit in my good times. If I ever try to “resell” my video equipment I own her $1,300.00. If something does happen it is passed on to my wife or sons. But I cannot ever “sell” it since it was sold to me.

    You all got all that right. My wife just looked at me and tilted her head and said “That is the weirdest sell I have ever heard of.”

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    @Jaclson, sometimes I feel a slight “regret” for the test class I was put in in the early 90’s. Had I been in another grouping maybe things would not be as they are, but then I look at my son, I passed this onto him, and most likely to my other son as he is now showing symptoms, and because of that paving they both have options that I did not. Of course they are both in their 20’s and never going to die or get as sick as me so I feel like I am talking into the wind.

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