Greenscreen “Walk on” effect for Website

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      I am wanting to understand the technique for creating an actor walking on to a website and giving a brief presentation about the website. I have good experience with Greenscreen but want to get ideas and the best way to create this effect.

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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

      I had done something similar in Vegas Pro 8. I used video track motion to make the person smaller, fit it to a part of the screen and move it frame by frame so it appears that its walking.Of course the talent needs to be walking or act like his walking. The green screen keying must be near perfect. This method doesn’t look that great but its a way to do it. Adobe After effects has many effect to make this (I don’t know which one. I just started learning After Effect a few weeks ago)

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      Are you trying to simulate the look of a website in a video project or really have someone walk in front of a live website online so that you can still click on the buttons and view the rest of the content on the site?

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