greenscreen to transparency – what software to use?

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      I own several video editing software. They all do the green screen is my understanding.

      Sony Vegas Pro

      Sony Movie Studio

      Movie Plus X3

      Pinnacle Studio Ultimate


      I am workiing with greenscreen and would like to know if it is possible to convert the greenscreen in the editor and and turn it into a transparency or PNG type background.

      There are several software that do this that I’ve found, but I honestly think I may already own one.

      Sorry, the answer may be right before me. I don’t do enough greenscreen to really have a good idea of what software will work.

      Guess I’m just trying to find if any of the software I have will do the job, from someone that has worked with them.

      I’ve spent several hours already on this, and I’m really stressed for time. That is why I’m asking.

      Maybe someone can pop off a quick answer and I’ll have this out of the way.


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      You can capture the frame you need in jpg or bmp format or export it. Using a paintprogram and the magic wand you can create mask, paint the mask using pure black color that means 100% transparency and save in png format or tiff format.

      Main advantage of mask is you can use any color between 100% black which is transparent and 100% white which is no transparency that means 50% black give to you 50% transparency.

      Transparency format is PNG, TIFF, GIF the new format is PNG.



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      I have used Vegas Pro with good results but many NLE’s will suffice.

      There used to be a product from Serious Magic called Ultra (since purchased by Adobe) that did a phenomenal job with chromakeys – I have occasionally seen it on eBay plus I think Adobe included it under one of their older CS bundles (maybe 3?? Maybe standalone??).

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      Great news…

      I knew there were ways to do it.

      It issurprising how hard it is to find answers like this sometimes

      Thank you very much


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