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      Hey Guys,

      I am needing acheap greenor blue (preferring the green) screen.
      I was thinking in some ways that i could have one paying only some dollars, like hanging a green paper in a wall or something like that…

      Any ideas would be welcome

      Thanks for the Help,


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      I’ve seen youtubes where people use bed sheets or fabic that is really green or blue. I’ve actually triied this and it does work (to an extent – depending on your editor and how it keys out the green or blue). The main thing is to evenly light the screen so you don’t get any hot or cold spots. VM magazine has an article this month on green screen tutorials.

      Pleasant keying – make something cool,


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      I used to use a green bed sheet, IT worked, I was amazed at how much the real deal worked when I go one though. Finding a green enough green, or a light enough blue that is still a true blue in bedsheetscan be a trick, but it does work.

      You can buy green paper green screens to. They are morepermanentand are about 1/3rd the cost. They are almost a thin cardboard and work wonderfully. But are not varyportableand are not as durable. Manyprofessionalstudios with morepermanentstages use these paper screens.

      You might also look at your local fabric store and see how the fabric theircomparesprice wise as you will more thanlikelybe able tofinnedasuitablecoloredfabric.

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      Another more permant option is green paint. I know some websites sell true green paint specially designed for chroma keying, but I wonder how hard it would be to have the local hardware store mix a true green paint? I was just helping my dad get some paint the other day and Behr actually has a device to scan in a color and match it to paint.

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