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      I’m a parent of an elementary school student, the school currently has a daily news broadcast that is live (cctv) to old tube tvs in each classroom. they are tiny screens, grainy, really boring etc. we (the “tech team” would like to bring them up to speed with today’s technology.

      basically, we’d like to paint the back wall of the studio a chroma green, get software to hook the video camera up to, be able to replace the green screen background with pictures, then live stream the broadcast to the classrooms on the Smart Boards that are in each classroom – they have internet access and wired access.

      I’ve been scouring the internet for software and was hoping here I could get some more detailed direction. I’ve seen Adobe Visual Communicator 3 – but the reviews are terrible. We don’t need anything overly professional and fancy. There will be 6-8th graders using it, so just simple and straight forward, but reliable – and Windows compatible. Under $500 because I’m determined, under $100 would be happy dance time.

      Any suggestions??

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      I just download VidBlaster studio (trial version)… have not had the chance to play with it yet, but it seems interesting.

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      NewTek – but not sure if they have anything near $500.

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