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      I flim against a green screen and some of the people wear glasses. So when I edit it in Premiere Pro 1.5 I have notice that the background that I bring in shows through the side of there glasses when they turn there heads.
      I know that this is what you would see if it was in real life, but I would like to change this to blind in more with the color of there skin so the background not so noticeable in there glasses. Does anybody know how to do this? 😕

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      If you only have Premiere, here’s what to do.

      Take your greenscreen stuff, leave it as is. Then take the original footage without effects. Put this on a layer above everything else. Use a garbage matte on the original footage so that only the glasses are left. This will help if the glasses are being keyed out. If you have green in the glasses, another thing you can do is exactly what is written above, then use a color change effect on the matted layer. Change the green in the glasses to black.

      good luck, hope I made sense. 😉

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