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      I am a green screen novist that likes to do fun green screening with my kids. I have a 5×7 green screen that I got with my software and it works great, but is too small.

      I went to TubeTape and purchased the Chromakey Green Muslin Backdrop 10′ x 20′, CK-318-1. I was very disappointed in that the color of the green screen was not sharp and crisp like my 5×7 and made it difficult to use. After shooting a few videos, I was very disappointed with the results. I contacted TubeTape and they informed me that was their standard color and recognized it was not the same as other items like green suit of which I was considering purchasing. Therefore, I returned the 10×10 green screen of which TubeTape was great to work with and gave me a full refund.

      Now, I am still back to where I started. Does anyone have a any recommendations on a good large green screen?

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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      The muslin greenscreen requires (like any other greenscreen) to light it as evenly as possible and a good camcorder. For people with tight budget muslin is the way to go, but if you really want a more professional greenscreen you will need a foam-backed backdrop. This are extremely good, but very expensive. If you have money to spend this are among the best you could get.

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      Take a look at B&H’s ‘Impact’ line of chroma key products. They’re inexpensive and of pretty good quality for the money. My outfit uses their collapsible versions and they work just fine.

      Chroma Key Backgrounds

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      Just go to your local fabric store and find a color that matches. That’s what I did and my video keyed just fine.

      If you’re still interested, I’m selling my chroma key suit right now. It worked great for my video.
      Click HERE to see the suit

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      Grinner Hester

      an old roll of linolium with the underside painted ultimatte green is yer buddy ona budget. You can can hang it with c-stands and roll it out into a great cyc. No wrinkles, no fussing with a bad color because it will be a real ultimatte paint… which has reflective agents in it for you.

      That said, I found a cheap poly back drop on ebay that has payed for iteslf several times. I have hung it with light standts and clips, the trampoline int he back yard, the freakin wall at the place I was shooting…

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