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      I am shooting a piece where a subject is standing and telling a story. I would like to Green screen the Background and the floor. I am getting an enormous amount of green splash off the floor. I have two nice key lights trying to blow out any green bouncing up off the floor but they dont seem to be working. Has anyone been able to green screen a floor before? I would love to be able to have complete freedom with background and floor.

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      Good question, I’ve lit for greenscreens before, but not with floors.

      Honestly, I not sure if there’s much you can do in production. Perhaps you could try aiming the lights in an angle that bounces the green as much as possible away from your subject.

      In post, try to use “spillsuppression”as well as you can too, to help alleviate the spill. Good luck!

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      OK, so you want the floor to be green-screened, but the subjects clothing is reflecting the green from the floor, right? Maybe the subjects clothes are too shiny. If that’s the case, you could try using dulling spray on the clothing (or use duller clothing). Another possible fix is to use a polarizing filter, and rotating the filter to minimize the refections off the subject. Of course, using a polarizing filter will require using more light, since those filters absorb anywhere from 50% to 70% of the light.

      Ken Hull

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