Green Screen and Reducing Size of the Subject

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      I understand how to use a green screen to key out a background and add the subject to a new scene. However, what I need to be able to do is miniaturize the subject in the new setting. I use Adobe Premiere 6.5 for editing. When I try to reduce the size of my subject using motion zoom, the new background also gets reduced. How can I reduce my subject, but keep the background at full size? Would I need Adobe After Effects to accomplish this? If so, which version of After Effects will achieve this effect?

      Thanks much!

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      I use the Applied Magic Screenplay, but this should be straight forward…
      If you have a green screen in an image file, place that on the SB. Now take your subject clip and make it a picture in picture. You should now have a full green screen with the subject’s green screen sized as you wanted. Render and re-key.
      If you don’t have the green screen image, create it. With the ScreenPlay, I can take a black clip and place it next to the subject that has the green screen background, I can now select any pixel in the green screen background and fill the black clip to the same color value. You should be able to duplicate this.

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