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      Hello, I am curious if anyone knows of a good green screen that is fairly cheap. My parents said they would get me one, but they have already spent ALOT of money on me lately for film and I am feeling bad. But I do need a green screen. What are some good sites that sell the screen and stands?


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    ebay… 10’X10′ polyester less than 100 bucks.

    or… paint the bottom side of a cheap roll of linoleum ultimatte green and hang it with used c-stands.

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    Is that a good deal? Sorry, I don’t know these prices at all. And it says it’s muslin. Is that good fabric for this?

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    I’d first go with a simple lime-green material purchased from a fabric store before actually buying one. A solid, reliable green screen setup also needs to be solidly lit normally before a usable affect is created.

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    $109 for the supports and material is not bad. You could build your own for about half that, but the one from Photoworld365 (eBay) would certainly look more professional.

    I have a 10×15-ft screen that I bought from Photoworld365. They shipped quickly and the stands are good for the price. The problem I have with the cloth is that they wrinkle easily during storage.

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