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      Hi, could anyone recommend a great video editing book? I understand that half of the battle is coming up with your own editing style, however; at this point I would like to pick up a great book and learn a few ground rules in video editing. I am new in this industry of video making any guidance will be appreciated!


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      I think that it would all depend on your editing software.

      If you go to Borders, or even, you could type in the software you use. It should give you books on editing techniques and how-to books.

      Another suggestion that I would highly recommend is going to and searching for tutorials for your software. I know that Sony Vegas is a very popular tutorial on Youtube. I use Vegas, and the youtuber montagical gives awesome tutorials.


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      I’ll mention 2 classic old books about editing (both have been recently republished). Both were written about FILM editing, not VIDEO editing; but they describe the artistic considerations, not the specific tools.

      The Technique of Film Editing by Karl Reisz and Gavin Millar.

      The Five C’s of Cinematography by Joseph V. Mascelli, A.S.C. (This also covers other topics besides editing, but it’s all good!)

      Hope you find these very helpful.

      Ken Hull

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      i would even say take a look at videomaker’s vidcasts, also, has some videos on editing techniques.


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