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      So our company purchased the high end Sony XDCAM PMW-EX3 Model, something like $12k, but he didn’t buy a tripod to go with it. He wants us to buy a tripod with “remote control” arm. I want a high quality tripod, with true fluid head, bubble leveling, interchangeable feet, sturdy legs, crank, height, maybe even the ability to flip the center column for low shots. The only thing I’ve seen that comes close is a Sony model, but from what I see, it looks like the tripod itself is flimsy. Anyone have some any suggestions?

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      I suggest just checking and seeing what’s available in your price range.

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      Satchler (spelling?), Miller or Manfrotto/Bogen…can run expensive, and there are other brands/models that might compare, but when you consider secure, stable and well-engineered support design for a $12K camera, price over quality should probably not be an issue. You’ll be looking at $1,000 to $4,000 for something solid. is a GREAT place to start.

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      Yeah Manfrotto/Bogen is a really good choice. The best thing to do is buy a tripod kit (tripod w/bubble lvl, and fluid head.) The HDV 501 series kits usually run around $500 at B&H. Mind you you will need to buy a spreader, shoes and a bag if it’s not part of the kit (you need a bag, get one.) Also, if you want a remote arm they come with LANC and Fujinon versions that will run in the $200-$300 range. The also have a few tripod specific wheeled dolly setups that run $400+. They are solid tripods and I have used them in harsh and ideal conditions without a hitch for years.

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