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      Just saw “2016: Obama’s America” and I have to tell you it is a GREAT example for folks who want to pursue any type of documentary production. Good production value, solid content and compelling, provocative.

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      AvatarDamian Lloyd

      Review of 2016: Obama’s America by Richard Brody in The New Yorker:

      Review by Owen Gleiberman in Entertainment Weekly:,,20483133_20625348,00.html.

      And the website of the movie itself:

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      Thanks for the headsup Earl. Once the election is over I may just take a peek…

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      As Rogers has noted, this is a documentary worth taking a “peek” at SOME point along the study of documentary production. Setting aside the political ramifications, the production itself was well-done, followed a strong outline and was well presented.

      The POLITICAL reviews of the actual content or its veracity, so graciously offered by The Lone Banana, are not the specific aspects of which I was impressed, although I have to say it was solid based on my having read both books from which it was derived and being cognizant of the information and its sources.

      As I noted in the initial post: “Good production value, solid content and compelling, provocative.”

      Consequently, beyond this response, I will not post anything additional of a more political nature regarding its content. Nor, as a moderator, will I allow further discussion by others to take a political tact. Would be interesting, however, to hear others pipe in on how they perceived the actual production quality as it pertains to cinema/video values.

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