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      I really enjoy the vidcast.

      The information is always helpful; the product reviews, tips and tricks, videos, useful websites, and constructive critiques. The entire Videomaker team is knowledgable, personable and honest.

      One of the things I enjoy the most is the complete lack of pretense. The team speaks to the camera like they would address a friend. If a line or something gets flubbed you just keep on going which I admire.

      And another thing, I believe that the Videomaker motto is something like "democratize video" or something to that effect. You guys NAIL that!!

      You make video accessible, fun, and easy to understand. You demistify the entire video-making process and show that video is no longer the exclusive domain of professionals – and this I believe opens the floodgate for more points of view thus democratizing video.

      Outstanding job!

      Lastly, if I absolutely have to find one thing to gripe about it might be floor direction. Someone’s looking into camera 1 and you cut to the second camera while your talent never readjusts.

      Thank you Videomaker.

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