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      Hi Guys,

      I’ve been in video production for the past 13 years. I started out doing weddings and any other events that paid (or didn’t). After some time, I upgraded my cameras and computers, which allowed me to upgrade my services. I started producing local cable commercials for auto dealerships and eventually found a very steady income in real estate advertising. For eight years, I leased weekly slots of airtime from Time Warner Cable and produced a “video showcase of homes”, that aired on the weekends. You’ve probably seen similar programming in your area. The real estate market was great and life was good. I put a system in place that was very efficient and allowed me to delegate and pay others to put the show together every week. Needless to say, with the downfall of the real estate market, so too went my bread and butter. My other clients (auto dealerships, local businesses) have scaled way back on their advertising as well. It has made life and work very interesting. But, we never quit! Ever! We get creative. We look outside of the box. Beyond the typical. What I’ve found is a TRUE source of extra income. I recently found a company that will pay $500 a pop selling their video email product. No downloads, no attachments and it is crystal clear! I am the ultimate skeptic. I analyze everything to the point that it’s almost a curse. But, this is the real deal and they pay real money. I’ve started introducing it to my existing clients in both the automotive and real estate businesses and they love it! The potential for adding new customers because of this is unlimited. It is an incredible tool that we (the video production community) can add to our arsenal of services. I would encourage everyone to at least look at the opportunity. You have NOTHING to lose and KNOWLEDGE to gain. I think you’ll be glad you did. I am. Please email me at and I can send you a video to watch. Or, you can call me at 336-269-2558 if you have any questions.Thank you so much for your time!

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