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      Zannel Fest
      Catch the Viral Fever and Win Amazing Prizes

      Do you have artistic work that will amuse and inspire people so much that they’ll feel like snatching a Russian satellite and broadcasting it to the world? Do you like to win prizes such as: cash, Log Cabin syrup, meetings with art directors and Hollywood power brokers? How about thong underwear?

      If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then submit your best images and videos to Zannel Fest. Our festival rewards submissions that are the most viral in nature, or pieces that are so fantastic that we just have to share with our friends, family, office-mates, and nearby impressionable infants.

      And what if we told you this festival is completely free? No more pesky registration fees, all you have to do is have access to the Internet and be able to press an upload button. But perhaps the best part of registering for Zannel Fest in addition to prizes is that youll also be one of the very first users in a new content sharing network that encompasses mobile phones, the Internet, and possibly a device that hasn’t been invented yet, like the PK-109 Video Helmet.

      Participants are invited to submit original works in two categories – pictures or videos. In all cases, you must be the sole copyright owner of the content you submit.

      Please visit htttp:// for details on the festival, submission requirements and to upload your work.

      Register and submit your materials on-line at htttp://

      Submission Deadline April Fools Day, 2007

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