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      Jay Michael Long, otherwise known as AspyRider and owner/operator of JML Multimedia, has written an excellent and inspirational article on setting up your own internet TV show. See it at In The Viewfinder, Long’s ongoing video production blog.

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      EarlC, I clicked on the link and enjoyed the articles on the blog. I have to admit when I saw Charlie Sheen’s name I almost ducked out because I am a little tired of …well stuff about Charlie Sheen. I got past that and read all the articles including yours and found all of them interesting and thought provoking. I would definitely recommend these articles to anyone interested in some ideas for video.

      The techniques mentioned inEarl’s article could very probably help anyone looking for ways to promote their video productions.

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      Thanks vid-e-o-man, just be aware that the article “Your Own TV Network” is written by Jay, not me. Jay is kind enough to open up his blog to guest writers, and I’m proud to be included in his stable of contributors. He’s a great guy and occasionally visits the forums here as well.

      He is also part of my Video StoryTellers! program, serving as the Mississippi associate for VST, and writes articles for Videomaker magazine. That boy has been rockin’ and rollin’ lately and barely has time to come up for air nice way for things to be when you’re an independent professional video services provider.

      I always appreciate the positive comments you have for me and others in the network, Mr. V, it is much appreciated. Hope things are going well for you.

      Also, I understand about the Sheen thing it does get old quickly. But still, Jay made a solid point about the possibilities of having your own Internet TV Network.

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      Grinner Hester

      I never really notice how spontaneous I am until I read things like this. So much thinking and planning where I just grabbed a camera and started shooting when I started creating shows. I sometimessecretly envy the over planners of the world. Looks safe from my perspective… but for some reason safe has never appealed to me. I remember my response the first time someone asked me if I had a business plan. “to evolve as required, man.” That’s how I approach my shows… and life in general. I’d rather just get to work not waisting time on the planning part. There will be plenty of time for that when I retire.

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