great article about 24p

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      thanks for the heads up…

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      I like topoint atone topicto this article!

      Without using a low framrate, how arewe going to record, artistically, fast movement in 50 or 60p? Even with a slow shutterI will only get frozen frames without any motion artefacts. Film photographers call it video look, but even still photographers are using motion blur to show movement in there pictures. Im talking about the art of photo here, not the technical part of filming.Some years ago I made two editions of a music video, one in 25p, the other in 50p. The audience preferred to look at the 25p version. Why? Because it had more motion in it, more spirit, it showed more human life.

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      That’s not a bad point Arildped, but I think the article is trying to point out that 24p isn’t everything. Some people think you NEED it to achieve a “film look”, but then they don’t do anything else to achieve the “film look.” If there was a good reason for someone to use 24p, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. But some people, in my opinion, us it with ignorance.

      So basically, I think if someone specifically wanted a choppy/motion blur-ish look, then go for it, but if someone simply said “I want it to look like film” but they do nothing else to achieve a film look…that’s just lame.

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