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      I would like to create some fun graphic elements in a video I’m shooting.

      The graphics will respond to music, like the graphic choices you have in windows media.

      Anyone know of a program that will aid in doing that, which doesn’t cost 1,000

      I’m thinking of using it to build titles, and credits screens.

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      if you already have it, After Effects can do it. Look into adding an Expression.

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      I do this in Vegas all the time (depends on how involved the manipulation is) using Light Rays, height maps, stuff like that. Vegas Pro 8 is only about $400 from VideoGuys (

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      I hate to complain, but I recently bought the Sony Movie Studio 9.0 Platinum Pro

      I now find there are so many things I can’t do with the program. I guess if I just wanted to create a simple video album or something along those lines it would be fine. It does support Chromakey, which I guess is a plus. Maybe it is worth the money, but I’m thinking I just wasted the money.

      Not because Vegas is mentioned herein, but because as I’ve been working with it and viewing screencasts from the web. I find there are just so many things that vegas does that MS doesn’t.

      Looking at the comparisons between theSony Vegas 8.0 and MS 9.0 you’d think the MS 9.0 was probablyadequate.

      I’ve run up on all kinds of things the MS 9.0 won’t do. Needless to say,a major disappointment.

      Anyone familiar with the Composite Lab Pro by FX Home. It costs 150.00 allowsyou to build virtual sets, and does masking as well.

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      I forgot t mention… Sony wants 425.00 to upgrade from MS9.

      I found a site on the web where i can buy the OEM for around 200 and change. It doesn’t have DVD architect Pro, but with the MS 9.0 version I have DVD architect studio.

      Everyone seems to want around 400 for the VegasPro.

      Thanks to Birdcat, because I do like the ldea of a good tutor system with the Vegas Pro. I’ve been all over the web now for weeks on end trying to get a better understanding of using the MS 9.0 and it’s been a real pain. Principally, because sites like Utube and others have all kinds of versions mixed in when you try to find a video on how to do something.

      I have gone to running the Utube video and having MS9.0 on the other side of the screen and doing a walkthru. Problem is… Utube type videos are pretty lousy to view. I just listen carefully to the step thrus. Regardless, Utube learning… leaves a lot out.

      Thansk for the responses

      Merry Christmas to all

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