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      I’m fairly new to creating videos. I’m currently working on a project and want to add some graphic’s that is like the graphic’s used in the TV Show 24 — the opening where the Number generates on the screen. I want to do this with the number 13. Also, I would like to use the digital time clock appearance later in the prjoect.

      If anyone could help me as to how to create this — or purchase a package that would allow me to create this, I would be very thankful. FYI — I priparily use Pinnacle’s Studio (Version 10 Plus) but do have access to the Adobe software as well — I just do not really now how to use the Adobe software just yet.

      Thanks in advance — BoBo

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      “Hollywood Special Effects with Adobe Premiere Elements 3” available from Amazon. com has a chapter that explains how to do what you want, with other effects.

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      Thank you. I’m going to get that book…..

      in the mean time, I figured the following out using Pinnacle’s Studio Plus – version 10

      I was able to drag in on the main track the video (along with audio) from the opening sequence of the TV show.

      I then opening up the Title editor and created a 13 using a similar type face as was used in the opening credits….. when the 24 began to appear in the actual footage I place the title I created and overlayed my 13 on the title line. I then proceeded to lock the audio track on the main track and edit out the 24 leaving a space so that only the 13 would appear along with the original audio track. It was crude but it worked.

      Thanks again….. BOBO

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