Graphics Card. HELP!!!!!!

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      About a year ago I got my first editing software, Pinnacle Studio Ultimate V.12. Now I was coming from movie maker so I didn.t care when it said magic bullet looks couldn’t work on my computter. Now i’m on v.14 and it still has magic bullet. Once againit shows an error. After talking to some VFX people I know I decidedI need to use this software.

      So what type of graphics card do I need. I use a dell computter.

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      What type of graphics card are you currently using? The processor speed (even more so than the graphics card) determines nearly 90% of your computer’s editing capability (how well it handles software). There’s more to good editing capabilities than a good graphics card.

      Also, the vast majority of horse-power graphics cards are expensive. If your system is within five years old, you probably have a good, stable graphics card that’s good enough for editing.

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