Graphics Card Compatibility with sony vegas pro 11

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I use an ,AMD/ATI-FirePro v5700, graphics card with GPU acceleration .Is it compatible with sony vegas pro 11.I cant seem to get ,the GPU acceleration of video processing to switch to on.Am I not installing the drivers correctly ? ,or is there more to it ?.

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I believe it is nVidia only - it "harnesses" the power of the CUDA core processors. I could be wrong - sorry if I am not!

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Here is the info from the Sony site

Supported NVIDIA or ATI cards for GPU-acceleration (please seethe GPU acceleration pagefor more information)



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Whenever I render a video file of AVCHD footage in Vegas Pro 12 to a DVD Architect-friendly file or an MP4 file using GPU Acceleration with my NVidia GeForce GTX980, the video will stop rendering at some point in the video, at a black screen.  There's nothing wrong with my card, it's brand new.  In fact Vegas used to do this with my old card as well, a GTX280.  Does anyone know if I need any special settings or something in order to make GPU acceleration work properly?
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