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      I know this isn’t in the “Make Money” catigory, but I was hoping some of you might help me out. I’ve been working with a couple videographers at my church on an idea to do a documentary on the life and history of my particular church, and it’s congrigation. This morphed from a very simple interview/slide show program, all the way up to a history lesson, and much more video work, and shots of congrigational activities. The videographers I’m working with have calculated that they total cost of making this documentary will be small, only about $3,000.00.

      Does anyone know if there is a specific grant out there for such a thing? I’m in contact with my denomination to see if they can help fund it, but I’m looking for outside help as well. Are there foundations that give grants for such a specific focused documentary? I’m sure this will not be of interest to anyone not from my congrigation so will that hurt my chances of getting grants needed?

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      Grants are very difficult to get, and require a lot of work.Your best chance would be to get somefunding from your denomination. If the church has played an important partin thehistorical development of your town/city you could try funding sources in thetown. You could try and sell sponsorships in exchangefor putting the sponsor logos on the dvd cover and mentioning them in the credit section at the end ofthe video

      The amount of$3000 isvery reasonable. Your best bet would be to have some fundraising activities and offering the DVD for sale.


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      Thanks Heidi, I did some research today and found that my church is the second oldest church in our town. I bet the Historical Society would help me out with funding as well. I think I’m going to look locally first.

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