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      Hey Folks,

      My school will be producing a weekly TV show for a local station. I need some help finding some grant sources to help get some money for this. Any suggestions?



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      Hooboy! So you want a grant huh? (long sigh) If you are an instructor, you’ll have to clear it with your department head and go through the proceedures the department has set up. If you’re a student, wellllllllll…. You’ll have to set it up with your instructor and that person will have to go through the aforementioned steps. Either way, there are a buttload of grants out there, but getting any of them is going to be tough.

      I’m not trying to discourage you, but you’ll need someone onboard who knows how to write a grant proposal and do it well. You will not likely see a dime without them. Also, you’ll need to specify what kind of project your doing. Grant issuers usually have agendas they want to push so you’ll want to zero in on those issuers who underwrite projects like yours (i.e. unless you’re doing agricultural based news, farm grants are off the table.) You’ll need to do a ton of research to find those specific Grantuers. Looking in your school or public library (you know those old-fashioned places with those things called ‘books’) in the reference section under grants is an excellent place to start. You can do online searches, but only do so after you’ve got some solid leads from the library. That way you’ll avoid most of the ‘fly-by-night’ traps online. Then find out what they will give grants for, to who and when their submission deadlines are for. Once you have all of that, then you’ll have to write up a detailed description of your project, and a prospectus of how the money will be spent (this is where your grant proposal person comes in.) Now, for each grant you try for (you’ll have to go for a bunch at a time) the prospectus will have to be written to the specifics of each grant (definitely why you need a grant writer.) Submit them by the deadlines and pray.

      If you’re looking for timely cash, forget grants. You’re better off trying to get sponsorships from local businesses in exchange for putting their names at the beginning and end of the program (ever watch PBS programing? That’s how a lot of it gets paid for.) You will still need to write up a detailed description of your project and let them see samples of programming and news scripts so they can have an idea of what they are promoting. Also, keep their donations cheap. Not so much you need a million of them to keep the show afloat, but enough to cover expenses. With business being as bad as it is these days businesses are looking for cheap yet effective advertising.

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