Grainy video anything out there to help in editing?

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      Compiling a wedding video for the family.(WHICH TOOK PLACE AT NIGHT!)If I use the lighting edit in pinnacle 12 ,the result is too grainey.I am a bit behind the times still using my trusted Panasonic nv-gs400.
      I also took footage in colour night view but that appears too jerkey and lags.Does anyone have any help for me to sort this out on the editing front.?

      Software pinnacle 12 ultimate.premiere elements vegas 8

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      without seeing the video it’s kinda hard to know for sure…

      here’s one idea you could play around with while you wait for people with more skill/experience than me to pipe in…..

      if your nle can do layers and blending (compositing) modes….

      you can reduce grain and increase color saturation (at the cost of resolution/sharpness) by duplicating the layer, and setting the blend mode on the top layer to “Screen” or “Lighten” and then applying a slight gausian blur to the layer.

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      I’m assuming your clip is dark and grainy…if it’s light and grainy…

      use the “darken” or “multiply” blend modes….

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      Thanks Don for your help,I’ll get to work

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      let us know if it helps….

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      Unfortunately, I’ve struggled with this before and there’s no great solution. If your camera captured darkness there’s no way to flip a switch and bring the light in. It’s ridiculously frustrating; luckily I’ve only had to deal with it when shooting stuff for my own family.

      One bit of advice (I can’t give specifics because I work in a diff editing suite): mess with EVERY filter you possibly can, color correction, brightness/contrast, lighting effects, exposure, gamma, etc. You may not be able to totally “fix” the footage but you could also arrive at a happy accident that looks kind of cool and at least makes the footage more memorable. I once dealt with footage that kept going from really bright to really dark and it was looking like crap. I adjusted the frame rate to make it a little more jagged, upped the contrast and turned on a trailing filter. It didn’t make the scene any more understandable, but it got compared to “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” which may or may not be a good thing…

Viewing 5 reply threads
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