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      I just bought VSX5 Ultimate, and I am excited about what they tossed in this year. Anyway I asked Corel about the new version and it’s usage of the GPU since in their sales video they spoke a lot about the CPU. As it seems I got an adjustment in my thinking, by not too much. As I understand it since GPU technology lagged behind CPU technology NLE software developers in the beginning used the resources of the CPU. As technology has evolved software developers started to split the load, having the GPU take over some aspects while the CPU still did its share. I was told that as of VSX4 and other NLE programs back that load was split, however software developers may start to zero in on letting the GPU, so VSX5 does make better use of the GPU as will newer versions of other NLE’s.

      So where does this leave the GPU or CPU choice?

      The best I can figure is, if you are running an NLE that is dated prior to 2011 or older then focus more of your bucks on CPU and memory, From 2011-present split the cost the best way you can, if you plan on buying a newer NLE and you are also considering a new system focus more on the GPU but also stay i7 or above for the Intel proc.

      So what factors have to be considered?

      This is where it gets messy, more than I ever thought it would.

      First before considering your computer, choose your NLE, what ever program you choose will have the most direct impact on your computer dollars. Since there are so many NLE’s out there you have to do your homework before hand. Research what NLE you have you eye on and if it focus its resources on the GPU, CPU or does it split the load.

      Then once you made your software choice, start on hardware, choose the GPU and CPU that best suites your NLE SOFTWARE Needs.

      I of course believe that the most horsepower under any hood wins the race.

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