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      Hello all,Could someone please tell me if there is anyway I can use a 30 year old Gossen CdS Super Pilot light meter to measure 3 point light?I presently use this meter to measure light for still photos.I am planning on buying a Canon XH-A1.My light meter has ASA adjustments.Is there any way that I could set the meter for ASA100 and set the camcorder audio gain for 100?Then, I could measure the light, and set the iris and shutter speed.If,not,could you recommend a light meter that I could use with the camcorder?Do you guys use light meters?And if you do’nt, how do you measure light for proper exposure of iris and shutter speed?Thank you.,Linda

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      try google.

      if you can set your cameras shutter speed and aperture, then you’ll have no trouble guessing the effective iso..

      I use my meters this way though….

      I set my camera up, and take a reading with my meter for whichever light source is my fill or ambient light.

      I then use the lightmeter to calculate light ratios for any lights I add to the scene. (key light, rim lights, hair/kicker light etc.). I then use a greycard to set exposure and color on my camera. Iuse this method because I shoot stills and video, on every job, and that’s what works for me.

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      Can you please let me know the advantages of lightmeter… Thanks for post..!

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      In my opinion, there is no reason to use a light meter if you are shooting video. If you have time to use light meter, then you’re most likely in a controlled situation. And if you’re in a controlled situation, you should just connect a calibrated monitor to your camera and judge your image that way.

      Even without a light meter you can still record proper exposure. If you’re a little off, you can fix it in post. All your shots should go through some minor color correction anyway if not full on color grading.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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