GoPro HD makes great ‘Second Camera’

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      Hi everyone. I’ve been reading and enjoying these posts for years. Always appreciate theinformation gathered here, so thought I’d join in and share some of my experiences. I recently got a GoPro HD camera and am very impressed by its tiny size and big performance. For years I’ve been shootingcanoeing adventure videos using an Canon HV20 with great results, but now that I’ve added a GoPro HD to my kit bag, I’m able to get some unique angles that just were not possible with a bigger/heavier camera. The small size of this camera, combined with it’s incredibe wide angle view (up to 170 degrees!) and the fact that it’s waterproof are perfect for use on the water. The suction cup mount allows me to stick it on the hull of the boat or on the side of our car. Here’s a link to a shortvideo I recently put together that was shot using combined footage from both of my cameras.

      Enjoy πŸ™‚

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      Good angles, good narrative, fun watch. Made me want to be there, but not as a GoPro.

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