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      this link gets you to all my videos on Google Videos:

      Videos listed:

      Jason Newburg Aerobatics Video by
      Keith Breazeal Video Productions – 2 min – Dec 9, 2006 – (82 ratings)
      … editing deck. For more information, please visit: and

      Comet McNaught 12 January 2007
      Keith Breazeal Video Productions – 51 sec – Jan 12, 2007 – (4 ratings)
      … right after sunset on 12 January, 2007. There are wide shots and a couple zoomed in. A couple segments are run at 30 times normal speed.

      Blue Angels C-130 JATO Rocket Takeoff
      Keith Breazeal Video Productions – 1 min – Jan 13, 2007 – (1 rating)
      The U.S. Navy Blue Angels C-130 crew demonstrates the JATO Rocket assisted takeoff.

      Sean D. Tucker tearing up the sky- wild flying at it’s best!!!
      Keith Breazeal Video Productions – 10 min – Jan 13, 2007 – (1 rating)
      … track with Brian Norris calling the action. Also, a good example of my ability to run the 20 pound camera around the tripod. Enjoy!

      Airshow Crash/Wayne Handley’s "Turbo-Raven" Engine Failure
      Keith Breazeal Video Productions – 3 min – Dec 13, 2006 – (4 ratings)
      … and hit at the most survivable angle. Wayne recovered from his injuries and continues to fly recreationally and teach aerobatics. More at

      Canadian Forces Snowbirds Aerobatic Team
      Keith Breazeal Video Productions – 7 min – Jan 4, 2007 – (3 ratings)
      … with the team. Multiple cameras were mounted inside and outside the aircraft. Enjoy the precision and grace of the Canadian Snowbirds.

      Open Your Lips At 120mph
      Keith Breazeal Video Productions – 29 sec – Dec 18, 2006 – (2 ratings)
      Red Baron Squadron and the U.S. Army Golden Knights. Some moments in my video productions are just priceless.

      Reno Air Racing and Airshow
      Keith Breazeal Video Productions – 3 min – Dec 28, 2006 – (3 ratings)
      The Reno Air Races and Airshow 2004. Air racing, aerobatic performances, car drop, F-4 Phantom, Red Bull Races, and more.

      Burn Rubber!
      Keith Breazeal Video Productions – 2 min – Jan 4, 2007 – (1 rating)
      Crank It Up!!!!!!

      Thunder Mountain Downhill Mountain Bike Ride-Not for beginners!!!
      Keith Breazeal Video Productions – 3 min – Dec 14, 2006 – (5 ratings)
      It was a surprise to find snow on the trail. This is one tough group of riders. Check out the shear cliff at the start of the ride! At 9,400 ft., …

      Plane Lands On Pick-Up Truck and Crashes
      Keith Breazeal Video Productions – 1 min – Jan 6, 2007 – (3 ratings)
      Good entertainment gone wrong. When you film airshows, it ain’t over ’till the fat lady sings.

      Make Me Puke: WARNING! read description before viewing!
      Keith Breazeal Video Productions – 3 min – Dec 29, 2006 – (4 ratings)
      From cameras mounted on aerobatic planes, this video will induce extreme motion sickness for some viewers. Those prone to motion sickness please use …

      Tragic Drag Racing Crash
      Keith Breazeal Video Productions – 57 sec – Dec 29, 2006 – (5 ratings)
      From Baylands Drag Strip, Fremont, California. This was a gruesome sight. Video of driver and emergency responders was removed out of respect. Remains …

      Downhill Mountain Bike Race/Carnegie SVRA, Livermore, Ca. 2006
      Keith Breazeal Video Productions – 2 min – Dec 13, 2006 – (12 ratings)
      A video short of the Corral Hollow Downhill Race at the Carnegie off road park in Livermore, Ca. 2006. Helmet Cam is a Viosport Adventure Cam 3- rider …

      Mud Wrestling Downhill Mountain Bike Racers- What A MESS!!! (and funny)
      Keith Breazeal Video Productions – 4 min – Dec 13, 2006 – (21 ratings)
      Funny, but this is the perfect example of a downhill mountain bike race gone bad. None gave up, the result being the ultimate display of riding(?) skills. …

      Pilot Bails Out of Burning Plane During Air Race-Kevin Eldridge:Corsair
      Keith Breazeal Video Productions – 2 min – Dec 14, 2006 – (8 ratings)
      Kevin Eldridge Bails out of the Super Corsair at the first annual Phoenix Air races. Notice he turns the plane away from the airshow crowd and points …

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      I just added a direct link to all the videos- way easier!

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      I just had all the Google Videos linked through my web site. This continues the test of Google Video and ability to get views to link to my site. An embedded player hosts a different video each return to the page. Hope this works!

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      Tested format- rejected by forum software. Simple link below.

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      one more format: No luck on that one either.

      Anyway, I was trying to post a video report that showed the traffic on the now 71 uploaded videos as about 750,000 views. I like the Google format for the higher resolution and full screen quality. Google also has daily, weekly, monthly, and all timereports, which makes it a better business tool. As technology changes, something better may come along.

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