Goofy Comedy-Slapstick Collab

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      Hi All,

      My friend Hans and I have started collaborating on a YouTube comedy series called “Cher on Crack, Sonny is Back.” There was no other reason than to do something off-the-wall and be creative about it – not just stand in front of a camera and shout like so many others do (and get millions of hits for). Not knocking that, but everyone has different interests.

      Our interests are more about filming technique and post-production… a little bit of scripting and ad-libbing… and having fun with customes, props, green screen, animation, and plain silly entertainment in this angry and serious world.

      This video is our 3rd in a series which started out as a green screen test at first. This week, we will be shooting Part 4 with a more defined script. Please feel free to comment here or on YouTube… preferably YouTube. The cam is a Canon XHA1. Our lighting is not yet perfected. Hans Moore does some animation as a hobby. Both of us are recent filmmakers and will be switching from Ulead to Premiere Pro soon.

      YouTube link:


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